April 27, 2009 State Attorney Honors Victims of Crime, Names Top Law Enforcement, Prosecutor, Advocate

State Attorney Norman R. Wolfinger honored top workers in the field of victims rights today at a luncheon in observation of National Crime Victims Rights Week at the Rialto Hilton in Melbourne.

Top Law Enforcement Officer of the Year is Melbourne Police Detective Johnny Lawson, a 28-year veteran of the department who was cited for thinking of the victims protection, comfort, and safety first. The recipient of the Kathy L. King Victim Advocate of the Year Award was State Attorneys Office Advocate Kim Gwiazda. Two women, Kathi Lau of the Titusville Police Department and Nancy Slater of the Medical Examiners Office, were recognized for Outstanding Service from an agency in the community or criminal justice system. Julie Dyke, State Attorneys Office Witness Coordinator, received the Outstanding Service Award from within the prosecutors office.

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger presented the Howard Futch Memorial Leadership Award to the Brevard County Health Departments Executive Director, Dr. Heidar Heshmati, for his work in establishing and supporting the Sexual Assault Treatment Center. Wolfinger said that Heshmati correctly believes that sexual violence is a public health issue that the entire community needs to work toward eradicating. .

Also recognized at the event was Assistant State Attorney Kari MacKay who was named the Attorney of the Year. The award recipients were selected from nominations received from the community and members of the criminal justice system.

Please note: Pictured left to right in the photo are: Medical Examiners Office Program Manager Nancy Slater, Medical Examiner Dr. Sajid Qaiser, Dr. Heidar Heshmati, State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, Witness Coordinator Julie Dyke, Detective Johnny Lawson, Advocate Kim Gwiazda, and Assistant State Attorney Kari MacKay.

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